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safe (1501538) artist:chrono_367 (8) derpibooru exclusive (22256) abyssinia (13) appleloosa (249) applewood (24) arimaspi territory (18) badlands (45) baltimare (53) basalt beach (37) bone dry desert (66) bugbear territory (6) canterlot (4325) castle of the royal pony sisters (644) celestial sea (8) changeling kingdom (98) cloudsdale (1152) crystal empire (1917) dodge city (15) dragon lands (217) equestria (458) everfree forest (1865) evil lair (193) forbidden jungle (7) fortress of talacon (41) frozen north (30) g1 (13521) g1 to g4 (3609) g4 (1120) generation leap (5276) great iceberg barrier (9) griffish isles (12) griffonstone (228) grogar's lair (192) hayseed swamp (27) hollow shades (23) iceberg (17) klugetown (236) lair (204) land of the hippogriffs (3) manehattan (839) map (1149) map of equestria (176) midnight castle (14) mount aris (154) mount everhoof (24) neighagra falls (36) no pony (4530) north luna ocean (5) original location (46) peaks of peril (29) pine needle barrens (15) ponyville (4661) rainbow falls (location) (38) rock farm (462) saddle arabia (102) sea of clouds (19) smokey mountains (18) somnambula (location) (126) south luna ocean (6) tartarus (408) the nether lands (1) unicorn range (11) wonderdraft map (1) world map (41)


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Hmm. I wonder how that tangle of waterways next to Abyssinia works. Is it just a very complex river system, or saltwater straits, or what?

That's a pretty funny mental image, not gonna lie.
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heh… it would figure the official equestrian map would draw equestria as being so much bigger than everywhere else.

that would also explain why twilight and co. tried to just walk across the bone dry desert unprepared, because it looked like it was about the same size as appleoosa on their map.

< ( actually, it's… bigger than equestria. )

( what??? ) >
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I love this map of Equestria. Lots of great details in the trees, mountains, water, and the font. Only gryphonstone looks a bit bare when compared to the dragon lands, and the Zebra lands could perhaps use a small town or unique landscape to fill up space. The pony lands also look a bit uninhabited without any roads or rail tracks, showing that it's a well-connected and developed country.

the rock farm being right next to saddle arabia seems kinda odd

actually it being so close to ponyville in general seems odd

It's hard to reconcile the differences between the official map and the cutie map. Saddle Arabia doesn't even exist on the cutie map and Griffonstone is only seen in one shot and never again after that.

That whole area according to the cutie map is filled with caves, presumably belonging to the diamond dogs. The cutie map took priority but additional locations from the official map were placed where possible

@Thunder Burst Hooves

should be in the small clearing west of the Crystal Empire or somewhere abstract in the mountains.

There are two Klugetowns labeled, one at Bone Dry Desert, and one in Bleak Valley.

Not a oversight, there are two Klugetowns one in the comics near Abyssinia and one in Equestria. Lots of real-life locations share a name between the new and old world.