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Giant Twilight #33

You know you're getting big when eating multiple solar systems counts as a snack.
safe1558231 artist:shieltar340 twilight sparkle280167 pony829280 unicorn258872 comic:giant twilight49 comic100283 cute173902 dialogue59052 female882318 giant pony4104 giantess3578 glowing eyes9585 macro10308 mare405719 nom2839 part of a series2144 part of a set9269 plot70531 pony bigger than a planet420 pony bigger than a solar system28 pony bigger than a star44 signature18337 solar system57 solo961511 space4489 teleportation572 twiabetes9973 unicorn twilight12358


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16 comments posted
Background Pony #8061
Our Solar System Is Far Away From Her
Planet-Eating-Horse Solar System
Isn’t It
Background Pony #3A1D
Her eyes are gunna start glowing to signify that she's growing ar'nt they?
Background Pony #F62D
The fact that a complete Solar System is smaller then the space between her Nostrils is terrifyingly beautiful