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And here she is, the ultimate fusion before us. The Queen mother herself Galaxia. The combination of all 4 alicorn princesses into one thicc, stong, powerful all knowing pair of flanks. For she is known as the "best flanks in the land" for a reason. She is also extremely loving for a mare her size, boasting a family of a young adopted human foal as well as a hunk of a husband to care and love. These other aspects of her life however do not impede her from fulfilling her royal duties as well as her ability for self improvement. Though when the day is done or if she is ever off duty and relaxing with her family, she goes from Queen Galaxia to Momma Galaxia, easily becoming the most cuddly loving and caring mare in the land. She even engages in more traditional means of affection that for her foal. One thing however…..Do NOT dare to mess with, harm or hurt her family or ESPECIALLY her foal. Lest the perpetrator is willing to deal with mommainstincts.exe times 4.

All praise the best flanks in the land!!

Done by the awesome Rainbowdash
safe1727511 artist:rainbowtashie628 princess cadance32792 princess celestia95847 princess luna99931 twilight sparkle303165 oc698007 oc:queen galaxia334 alicorn228576 pony987750 alicorn oc27138 alicorn princess396 commissioner:bigonionbean1997 cute202958 female1381805 flank1548 fusion5263 fusion:queen galaxia277 mare491223 simple background401285 solo1078371 thinking1972 transparent background205570 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124932 unshorn fetlocks26273


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