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I kinda made a dress.
I just really wanted to paint the fabric haha. Kinda meh about the rest, but I hope it works.

Kept this weekend a bit… simpler. Just one character this time! And drapery as far as the eye can see…
I'm definitely feeling a lot more familiar with different ways to fold this type of fabric. But different materials act different ways, which I'll eventually want to get to as well. There are some core similarities, tho, so this should be the bigger steps.

Still as always unsure about how I want the anatomy to look like. I just gotta sit down and paint some heads/busts and not get distracted having fun with folds.

Either way, have this dress of the end. But not the end of my art.
I want to do more classic aesthetic inspired art.
Approx Time: ~9 hours
Photoshop CC

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safe1680990 artist:assasinmonkey806 twilight sparkle297283 alicorn219585 pony943042 unicorn312724 the last problem5577 clothes450373 coronation dress683 crown16288 dress43624 female1340162 hoof shoes5129 jewelry61210 mare468433 painting3518 regalia19135 second coronation dress228 smiling241370 solo1046607 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122411


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Princess of the Animals
I still ask myself if Twilight are not to young at that Time and how she manage to do the Work of three Princess alone:
Daily royal business of Celestia, daily Work ad Princess of Friendship and Night Work as Guardian of Dreams like Luna.

Maybe Luna still act as Guardian of the Dreamsm but what will tia do in her endless Life?
Maybe Twilight build the Machine, who controll the Amulet to Move Sun and Moon ( see here ).
I even wonder, if there are a Problem again, it will need Hours, maybe Days, to get all Mane 6 together.