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Surprise Colts!

@Random commentator
But "No" won! Why are Button Mash and Rumble here?

I'll explain everything when I post the discussion on Inkbunny.

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suggestive128268 artist:papadragon691074 apple bloom46609 button mash3792 rumble3814 scootaloo49220 spike74899 sweetie belle46713 dragon48290 pony847502 comic:spike's cyosa313 3d62855 chess387 clubhouse698 comic101680 crusaders clubhouse662 cutie mark crusaders17910 cyoa3046 innuendo1293 male306196 older23069 older spike4705 source filmmaker38051 teenage spike667 teenager4325 whispering224 winged spike7155


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Background Pony #9F8C
Papadragon, you're just awesome, brah! XD That is the BEST twist in this entire series, and very clever too!
Background Pony #B43F
I wanted them to come along but this just peeved me off honestly. what was the point of the vote if they were gonna come along anyways?
Background Pony #E6F6
I'm guessing cause the vote was so close, he figured that he'd in a sense do both options, with Spike rejecting their offer (no) but then they decide amongst themselves to go anyway (yes), which you could totally see a colt doing when they're told not to do something but really want to.
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In fact, I remember when in chapter 2 when we got to have sex with the students instead of just having sex with Starlight. So I'm definitely sure that it's not because of me… right? I mean, I didn't mean to upset the creator, I was just a little annoyed when people said no to anything involving sex!
Jonny Manz
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I am who I am
Lemme guess, the reason boils down to “certain people coughwebgamercough got super butthurt over their preferred option losing” 😂

I’m mostly kidding — mostly.