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safe1750222 artist:dashiesparkle1270 artist:kyodashiro86 artist:light262536 cozy glow7724 lord tirek5414 princess celestia96753 princess luna100781 queen chrysalis35463 starlight glimmer49781 sunset shimmer64768 trixie68729 twilight sparkle306080 alicorn232855 centaur3559 changeling49803 changeling queen17715 pegasus309061 pony1010312 unicorn342211 the ending of the end3256 bell4592 book34500 cellphone3915 cobble glow26 crown17954 female1401672 filly69606 former queen chrysalis330 glowing horn20519 grogar's bell460 horn77549 jewelry68196 legion of doom statue96 magic75375 mare502072 nose piercing2806 nose ring2203 petrification994 phone6716 piercing43095 regalia21137 selfie3270 spread wings57044 statue2402 telekinesis28719 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126183 wings123062


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Live from the hive
Well, at least they didn't forget about the villains.

Hopefully Twilight is working on something to help them.

I'm surprised Discord isn't there as well.
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