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No matter how long you live, you will never experience the level of joy of a tween Applebloom playing with her pet invertebrate on a backyard tire swing.
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Background Pony #69E1
@Background Pony #295B

There was plans for a special to end the season and a third season. Not only were these cancelled but Hasbro didn't even tell them in advance. Because of this they weren't able to even throw together an ending of any kind. The content just abruptly ends.

And the odds of more Equestria Girls form another studio don't look good considering this special was advertised as "their final set of adventures".
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Background Pony #9BEA
That plan has been cancelled or changed. Holiday Unwrapped is the last Equestria Girls special produced by DHX. We don’t have any confirmation from Hasbro yet if Equestria Girls has ended or if it will continue under a different studio.
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The New Pony

Im ah Beeeeaaast
She looks lovely its ashamed the is most likely our last time seeing her. The Holiday Unwrapped Specials seems like they got a boost in quality to bad we probably want see it continue. :(
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