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sequel to: https://www.deviantart.com/playfingers/art/Eye-for-Treasure-710584641

The Wonderful Captain Celaeno has been quite bewildered by all of these pesky ponies looking for their friend. What was her name again? Rarity? Maybe? But enough is enough. It might be worth turning this tresspassing issue into a recruitment drive.

Our first "volunteer: is none other than Rainbow Dash, who's gone from a high speed champion to swashbuckling seductress
safe1557706 artist:playfingers7 captain celaeno1030 rainbow dash217426 bird6569 parrot378 peacock97 pegasus233242 pony828829 my little pony: the movie17542 clothes402166 female881888 fishing net19 hat75227 implied rarity907 mare405471 net279 pirate hat490 scared9133 speech3149 transformation9590


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