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The scariest thing of all is that we live in a society.

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safe1639555 artist:moonatik718 cozy glow6897 pegasus266114 pony905211 bow26556 clothes435716 clown736 clown makeup139 clowny glow11 costume26396 female1305328 filly62885 golly74 joker (2019)94 society11 solo1020176 talking to viewer2361 the joker565 we live in a society22 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2306


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Background Pony #D68B
Headcannon, Cozy Glow is the human mind incarnate and the ponies hat her to an extent that ponies cannot accept our human nature.

Our "Society" is a plague to the ponies. I propose we kill all the ponies. Let us spread the word of our society
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Background Pony #8917
people always say "we live in a society"
what they'll never tell you is that we DIE in a society too!!
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Background Pony #EC3D
"What do you get when you cross a mentally ill filly with a society that sentences her to be thrown in Tartarus? I'll tell you what you get! YOU GET WHAT YOU BUCKING DESERVE!"
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I already know everything about it. And I mean EVERYTHING! Inculding where the goverment is hiding poopy joe!
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