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I wasn't going to photograph them together, but when I noticed they had a height difference, I had no choice but to. I didn't ask for one, but it's honestly perfect and love it.

Anyway, I made a necklace for Kellin and sewed a chain onto his pants, and to prevent flooding, here's some links to more photos.

Necklace Back
I made it a bit tight and it took me like 20 mins to actually hook it on his neck. Never again. Probably should have made it looser, but also because it's so tight, it never moves out of place, so I guess it's fine?

Chain Back Stitches
A lot easier to do than a necklace, took less than ten mins to crudely sew it onto his belt. I didn't wanna fuck up the pants and it was hard to get under them so I just stitches it to the belt. Loosely enough that I can snip it off if I hate it or wanna replace it, but tight enough that it hasn't fallen off yet after a couple days.

From the back

Undershirt and belt Oliver's for reference

Shoe side


And fallen over because this happened like six times

Wish I could have found a smaller feather charm, but it's honestly hard enough to find horizontal feather charms. I didn't wanna cut up band merch either so, yeah. This is good enough.

Edit: No, Kellin's hoodie strings will not stay down no matter what I do. Hoodie boner.
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