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safe1707097 artist:jargon scott2417 princess cadance32478 queen chrysalis34805 alicorn224549 changeling47668 changeling queen16502 pony968207 cheese pizza57 crying43586 feeding1315 female1363703 food70149 mare480935 meat1879 meme81920 monochrome149697 partial color5254 peetzer120 pepperoni429 pepperoni pizza416 pizza1929 ponies eating meat977 princess sadance65 red eyes6144 sad24535 that pony sure does love pizza118


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Background Pony #B602
>peetzer hoers is sad even though adorabug is feeding her peetzer
I've felt feels you ponies wouldn't believe.
Background Pony #C53F

Is it? I would have thought it would be fairly common because of the amount of people that are vegan.