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Gotta get SOMETHING posted for Halloween!

Hope you guys like, got inspired by this: >>2177011

Hope you're having a good spook month!
safe1688332 artist:graphene316 fluttershy210755 pegasus284829 pony950043 adorasexy9574 blushing194506 broom1696 clothes452873 cute197151 female1346358 flying37601 flying broomstick730 full moon3375 hat85345 high res26722 leotard4508 mare472054 moon23179 sexy28824 shyabetes13516 smiling243191 socks65315 solo1051839 spread wings53684 striped socks21153 wings103624 witch hat2989


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
I have to say, this looks amazing! Fluttershy has always been one of my favorite MLP characters, and she looks amazing here