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“Adjusting to civilian life has been rough.”
safe1861740 artist:dstears686 princess celestia100698 princess luna105035 alicorn253575 pony1206022 the last problem6724 2 panel comic1823 alternate hairstyle31207 bored1561 clothes518874 comic117671 cute220348 cutelestia3825 dialogue73664 excited3311 eyes closed109136 female1501350 irrational exuberance622 knitting140 lunabetes3816 mare557268 monochrome158107 oh my celestia11 prone28481 retirement43 royal sisters5185 siblings12281 sisters11045 sleeping25266 smiling297192 speech bubble27741 spread wings65463 sweater16149 swing720 that pony sure does love the post office58 wings148942 yarn445 yarn ball312


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It is possible to be handled good, if the writers don’t botch things up on purpose.
Did the Stupid Stuff forum even mentioned anything about the issues of Luna’s retirement?  
Also, while 4 months is pretty long, it just felt like I have to reply back anyway..
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Is that a 5*?
Sounds like a Luna fanboy’s wet dream to me, and I can’t say I would enjoy that (we saw how poorly they did that with Magic Sheep).
We have a Stupid Stuff thread for ponies, as well as the original Unpopular Opinions thread (which the non-pony version was made afterwards for the latter). And 4 months is a pretty long time to have wet feet and still remember it.
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There literally could have been a compromise for Luna to continue ruling but can still be with sunbutt(who would retire).  
Orlike Celestia freaking visiting Luna alot(especially since they can teleport given how Twilight literally done so from Canterlot to the Crystal Empire)?
Why I am commenting on here is so I can let my thoughts out with others and such depending on the comments I am replying to.  
As for the forum bit, which one I can talk about this exactly? There is a season 9 one I think but I think its more like ALL discussions are in there instead of a separate topic, meaning stuff would just get buried under people’s other comments.  
Also the reason why I took so long to reply back is due to my nervousness making me unable to see the reply and such..  
Like worried on what the reply would be on sometime. It happens sometimes for me.

Problem is that was kind of happening for Celestia’s case though.  
Especially since Luna didn’t get to rule anywhere near as long as Celestia did.  
Like her returning from the moon for a few years at most(and just got her own throne recently) only having to give all of that up? Its just jarring..

That’s really a bad thing for Luna’s case due to she spent most of her life stuck on the moon.  
And she didn’t get to enjoy life as much as Celestia did, especially without death looming over her and hindering her via aging.  
It really just makes the retirement crap worse.

Purple Artist
Ok and in my fanfic I had them retire for a day but Twilight Sparkle bought them back where Celestia was Twilight’s co-leader and Luna a post office worker due to her love for the post office seen in a episode which I’ve seen a little of where the 2 went on vacation but your headcannon sounds nice

Celestia should have done what her “Reality Check” Verse’ Counterparts did/are doing: Use Twilights’ Ascendancy to make transform Equestria into a Constitutional Monarchy that allows Alicorns the chance to no longer be the sole Rulers overseeing everything in Equestria constantly and running the Government giving her ample opportunity to start dating King Triton of the Sea Ponies/ send out your Faithful Student and the rest of the Mane Six to go find their lost Alicorn Brothers and Sisters in order to cure Old Age and to transform the associated image of Alicorns into just a Fourth Tribe of Ponies no different or special than the other Three are already.
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My headcanon is that they gave up their immortality the moment they ceded power to Twilight in the coronation. They will now age as normal ponies do and die of old age probably 40-50 years hence.

Purple Artist
Luna loves the post office why can’t she work there or Celestia she likes cake she can be the Equestrian cake eating champion instead of retirement. There retirement confuse me anyway are they retired but give up there immortality or still immortal?
Background Pony #F886
Here they’ve been craving action, so they get Twilight to take over so they can be free, and they do the least action-y thing possible.
Like they are totally free to become super heroes or Indiana Jones Ponies.
For crying out loud, we all saw Starswirl climb that mountain and they are in much better shape.
Background Pony #7D34
But there’s so much to do, Celestia! There’s bingo in the cafeteria, movie night’s tonight, and you can sign up for the trip to Gaitlinburg!
BTW, Tia’s new hairstyle is really cute.
Background Pony #D653
@Darth Sonic  
Yeah, no shit. Without innocent bystanders to worry about, they could just go out and raid tombs and fight crime or something.