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It ain't over, until it is over…

Had to make these three together. Was trying to prepare myself for a piece like this, but now I had to commit to it.
Or well, I didn't have to do a single session piece AGAIN, but here I am… 13 hours into a stream uploading these three evils I've been battling that entire time.

Initial sketch of these three was a lot more static, but then I had the brilliant idea of giving myself a lot of foreshortening to work with. I suppose that's one way to get myself to practice it. It had its interesting parts tho.

Never really been one to do the overly intense muscles, maybe also because I tend to make females more, with smoother definitions (not always). The foreshortening kinda stumped me on fully focusing on just the muscles, so I tried to make the best out of it, and all of them. Speeding through them a bit faster, which is easier when they're all sharing the same canvas. Less focus on each of em specifically. Unless you're Tirek and take up half the screen.

Anyhow, have another one for the Finale. There's still plenty more ideas that I can make and hopefully get to properly.
safe1727048 artist:assasinmonkey819 cozy glow7530 lord tirek5362 queen chrysalis35135 alicorn228456 centaur3479 changeling48688 changeling queen17049 pony987329 the ending of the end3228 alicornified5436 badass3293 cozycorn704 digital art19446 digital painting513 epic1369 female1381367 open mouth149873 punch1264 race swap14445 traditional art118900 trio9433 ultimate chrysalis441


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Background Pony #0243
Tirek and Chrysa are being both terrifying and menacing while Cozy is just being cozy lol
Background Pony #7104
AH, teh three biggest losers in all of equestria doing what they do best: fail miserably at everything they do. They had a chance of atcually winning but like all villains of their stature, they faield miserably and are now statues that wil get covered in bird crap for eternity.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Magnificent work.

Tirek looks like a demon, Chrysalis looks like a monster, and… I don't know the best word for Cozy Glow, but she looks positively deranged.