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applejack should have gotten apple jacked in the season finale honk if you agree
safe1922443 artist:virtualkidavenue145 applejack184903 rarity199479 earth pony339829 pony1269843 unicorn421742 the last problem6956 cape12368 chest fluff50718 clothes541196 cowboy hat21028 duo101094 eyes closed115438 female1557266 hat104309 lesbian106649 mare589705 older32897 older applejack892 older rarity850 rarijack7639 scar14008 scarf27162 shipping225019 simple background481727 smiling316337 white background123928


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Duck - Hates bronies, but is one. Go figure.
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aka Summersong
I don’t think she needed to. Big Macintosh is a tank. Applejack is a grenade. Ridiculous power in a small package
Looks good tho!