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applejack should have gotten apple jacked in the season finale honk if you agree
safe1860079 artist:virtualkidavenue145 applejack180819 rarity194764 earth pony312528 pony1204332 unicorn393276 the last problem6723 cape11846 chest fluff47535 clothes518331 cowboy hat19718 duo90342 eyes closed108937 female1499855 hat99348 lesbian103715 mare556285 older30283 older applejack860 older rarity818 rarijack7477 scar13407 scarf26101 shipping218093 simple background454815 smiling296631 white background115033


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Duck - Hates bronies, but is one. Go figure.
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aka Summersong
I don’t think she needed to. Big Macintosh is a tank. Applejack is a grenade. Ridiculous power in a small package
Looks good tho!