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Found some rejected sketches
safe1556206 artist:silfoe1541 princess luna93163 twilight sparkle279913 oc594164 oc:pterus116 alicorn191171 bird6586 cat5155 deer4439 dog8431 earth pony190749 octopus387 parrot378 moonsetmlp83 adopted offspring967 alternate universe8821 aluminum can4 animal crossing508 ball2810 baseball bat933 bed35540 bone2504 building2055 chains4341 colt13131 computer monitor29 cute173399 female880472 foal14656 forest8624 isabelle122 jewelry49151 kissing22130 lesbian91319 male299309 monument20 mountain4337 mountain range505 parent:princess luna1885 parent:twilight sparkle7111 parents:twiluna296 park884 pillow15050 plushie21604 regalia15744 scenery7073 semi-monochrome3 shipping181592 skeleton1596 sketch58031 sketch dump2979 spine94 teddy bear1185 toy20691 twiabetes9943 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113796 twiluna1588 unshorn fetlocks21689


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