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>when you have to pay taxes but then you realize you rule equestria
safe1555538 artist:pabbley2249 twilight sparkle279829 alicorn190975 pony826638 sparkles! the wonder horse!93 crying39571 description is relevant746 ear fluff22537 eyes closed78403 female879720 floppy ears45907 high res20811 laughing6973 laughing tom cruise15 laughingmares.jpg210 lip bite10225 mare404263 meme77916 multeity1879 open mouth120372 purple background2300 raised hoof37904 simple background337823 smiling209866 solo959409 sparkle sparkle sparkle178 tears of laughter645 teary eyes3116 twiggie281 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113735 xd158


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She's laughing because she wasted 14 hours doing her taxes already

She's laughing so she doesn't cry



it's too late for that