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safe1573119 artist:velveagicsentryyt365 applejack158629 fluttershy197460 rarity169474 oc603691 oc:apple pie81 oc:burnity14 oc:destiny87 oc:sky city67 dracony5675 hybrid15167 pony844030 female897233 filly59415 interspecies offspring6343 magical lesbian spawn10689 mushroom833 offspring34304 parent:applejack3258 parent:caramel698 parent:discord2893 parent:fancypants711 parent:fluttershy4032 parent:pinkie pie3579 parent:rarity3561 parent:spike1977 parents:applepie42 parents:carajack651 parents:discoshy895 parents:raripants493 parents:sparity1238


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With flutter-shy and destiny believe they found a crop of mushrooms when sky city and apple pie had the worried looks of burnity was to do something serious to rarity.