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safe1558231 artist:anticular445 princess celestia89165 princess luna93279 alicorn191596 pony829280 :t3698 angry23557 banana1986 bananalestia148 burn242 computer5507 dialogue59051 duo48071 female882317 food59560 jewelry49345 looking at each other15870 mare405719 open mouth120779 peytral2413 regalia15797 royal sisters3756 savage83 scrunchy face6785 unamused13406


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9 comments posted
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Just a flurry of H₂O
Oh wow, utterly brutal.

Maybe I shouldn't find that so funny, but I guess I know they aren't really serious….

Same artist, but I don't know if their tumblr is still going.