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Following the last installment of the Heart Break Verse (see here: ) we have the children of Twilight Sparkle and Prince Blueblood. Their backstory is simple… Blueblood took advantage of Twilight's shattered self esteem and desire to be loved. While she was in the midst of trying to heal from the trauma of rape, Twilight thought very little of herself, but then Blueblood came along. At first his obvious advances just irritated her and even frightened her a little, but over time she grew accustomed to his attention and relied on it.

Prince Blueblood never loved the Princess of Friendship, but they both seemed to quietly understand this. In his eyes it was a good look, the young prince and the newly appointed princess in a practically fairy tale romance. What could be better? And for Twilight she didn't think she could find anything better than a loveless marriage… in her mind at least someone wanted to be with her no matter how disgusting she saw herself to be, so she shouldn't complain. The two tied the knot quickly and started having children even faster. While Twilight truly loved her daughter, Brilliance, Blueblood wasn't too fond of the spawn of the man who had raped his wife. He wanted their castle to be filled with his strong and handsome sons.Things don't always work out how you want, however, and their first two children were girls. On the third try Blueblood finally had the son he had always desired. While he had wanted to have more children, and Twilight wasn't going to deny him anything he wanted, the birth of his son almost killed his wife. The doctors told them that if she went through pregnancy and birth again that she would most likely die, so he hasn't touched her since then… seeing no use if she could no longer bear him foals.
Name: Flora Radiance
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Special Talent: Magically controlled plants
Positive Traits: Curious, patient, cares for others
Challenging Traits: Distractible, timid, clumsy
Occupation: Scientist
Mother: Princess Twilight Sparkle
Father: Prince Blueblood

Name: Aristocrat (goes by Arista)
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Special Talent: Holding an air of authority
Positive Traits: Confident, organized, realistic
Challenging Traits: Critical, short tempered, manipulative
Occupation: Princess
Mother: Princess Twilight Sparkle
Father: Prince Blueblood
Name: Juggernaut
Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn
Special Talent: Competing
Positive Traits: Confident, honest, courageous
Challenging Traits: Dense, inconsiderate, doesn't listen well
Occupation: Athlete for many sports
Mother: Princess Twilight Sparkle
Father: Prince Blueblood


I did things a little different this time, really wanted to talk about why these two are even together before talking about their children. This isn't as serious as a topic as last time, kind of a break for me I guess, but I really do think it deserves to be discussed. In this situation Blueblood really just cares about appearances and used Twilight for her status and how it would make him look. It's sad that these things do happen in real life.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions about the new characters.
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Blueblood (reading script) "Can't… uh, can't I have a normal relationship for once? I'm not really a villain?"

Authors: "It puts the narrative on the page, or else it gets the hose again."

Blueblood: "Welp! Better hated than forgotten I suppose. Back to it, then."