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Commission for: p2x909

Following the tendence of the 90's the new Appleblomers franchise are now kids! (by the way you had the costumes wrong kids)

Not really just a funny image for halloween, a new version next week before haloween look for it ;)


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safe (1504038) artist:anibaruthecat (834) apple bloom (45202) scootaloo (47994) sweetie belle (45378) anthro (214415) bat (1593) earth pony (173382) pegasus (213730) unguligrade anthro (39985) unicorn (234484) apple bloomers (241) armpits (38819) belly button (62961) blue underwear (2111) blushing (164918) bowtie (7881) clothes (382833) cutie mark crusaders (16945) dress (37129) explicit source (4654) female (828266) frilly underwear (3958) full moon (2687) halloween (6722) heart (40564) heart print underwear (533) holiday (15122) jack-o-lantern (1978) looking at you (131714) midriff (17328) moon (20040) open mouth (113240) panties (43869) pink underwear (3578) pumpkin (3396) raised fist (19) ribbon (6024) shorts (11026) smiling (197930) socks (53051) strapless (1016) suspenders (452) underwear (52474) upskirt (5127)


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8 comments posted

Those hope sweetie belle isn't wearing underwear when her nipples are to be showing through her crop top to be covered by the straps holding up her leggings when she was to be showing camel toe through her leggings. As apple bloom is wearing panties under her tie up tube style dress. Those hope to retag the image as explicit could have cases apple bloom is redrawn without her panties and sweetie belle drawn without her leggings.