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semi-grimdark (26167) artist:sixsydes (1) oc (566483) oc only (385246) oc:lemon drop (200) earth pony (172424) human (137217) airport (105) burp (1464) bus (455) comic (95406) digestion (2608) drool (21229) female (825591) fetish (32192) kitchen eyes (579) licking (16766) licking lips (3660) macro (9683) monochrome (139948) object vore (18) onomatopoeia (2703) open mouth (112862) plane (2401) ponies eating humans (323) sitting (50252) stomach (652) stomach noise (2433) swallowing (1667) throat bulge (3164) tongue out (82576) vore (12995) x-ray (6017)


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12 comments posted
Background Pony #CBF5
@Communist Starlight
Looks outside the window, then sighs and goes on enjoying her filly Sushi delight (made with real fillies, magically shrunken down to bite-sized morsels and wrapped in ropes of seaweed and rice) before the inevitable end, can't die with an empty stomach. ;)
Communist Starlight

Crushing inequality
Uh, this your uh, captain speaking. We are currently staying absolutely still at an altitude of 50 ft. I would like to uh… remind you to keep your seatbelts fastened, we will be digesting shortly.
Background Pony #410C
Can Lemon’s stomach actually process the entire airplane? She could totally work at the aircraft scrapyard if so lol