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Well guys, with that, I think I have to say that OC October has finally drawn to a close for me, at least for this year. I definitely want to try making more for next year though and have already thought of some good OCs to use!

I don't know how I'm going to list them in any particular order since the placement of this group shot is a bit chaotic so I'm just going to do them in alphabetical order with the OC name, the creators name, and a link to the single upload of said character(s) for more information on each one:Alice Goldenfeather () OC October: Alice (and Penumbra)
Apogee () OC October: Apogee
Backy () OC October: Backy
Blood Bath () OC October: Bloodbath
Clutterstep () OC October: Clutterstep
Cream Heart and Button Mash (JanAnimations) OC October: Emerald May
Donut Steel (SillyFillyStudios) OC October: Donut Steel
Echo the Batpony (/mlp/ anon artists) OC October: Echo
Emerald May (JanAnimations) OC October: Emerald May
Eri () OC October: Eri and Whisper
Fluffle Puff () OC October: Fluffle Puff
Little Pip (Kkat) OC October: Little Pip
Nyx () OC October: Nyx
Palette Swap () OC October: Palette Swap
Pun Pony () OC October: Pun Pony
R-Dash 5000 (HotDiggedyDemon) OC October: R-DASH 5000
Snowdrop (SillyFillyStudios) OC October: Snowdrop
Sweet Velvet () OC October: Sweet Velvet
Sweetie Bot (Sherclop Pones) OC October: Sweetie Bot
Twinkle Toes and Ink Jet ( and ) OC October: Twinkle Toes and Ink Jet

Well that's quite a list but let me say that I was very happy to take part in such an extensive project/challenge and I think doing monthly challenges like this is actually pretty good and helps me stay motivated! I did this during the month that MLP ended so you can imagine I kinda had a hard time keeping up with it the whole next week after the finale. I am also very inspired to make more fanart of "Flurry Heart's Story" since the finale left a lot of unanswered questions that the fans can figure out themselves so I will get on that too!

Special thanks to every person who made these OCs and I had fun drawing them! Everyone else keep participating in OC October! I didn't come up with it apparently but not enough people do it so get crackin!

MLPFIM © Hasbro
All OCs © their respective owners
safe1618209 artist:aleximusprime1396 button mash3863 sweetie belle47336 oc628838 oc:alice goldenfeather496 oc:apogee829 oc:backy1233 oc:bloodbath17 oc:clutterstep68 oc:comet the phoenix1 oc:cream heart2177 oc:donut steel16 oc:echo860 oc:emerald may44 oc:eri327 oc:fluffle puff2858 oc:ink jet5 oc:littlepip3906 oc:nyx2134 oc:palette swap314 oc:pun1542 oc:r-dash 50003 oc:snowdrop1202 oc:sweet velvet189 oc:twinkle toes21 oc:whisper the mouse1 alicorn206629 bat pony45124 earth pony216813 mouse1128 pegasus258165 pony885716 robot7255 robot pony3261 unicorn286250 .mov1100 button's adventures262 comic:find yourself295 comic:tears of a princess1 fallout equestria15836 fanfic:past sins360 tumblr:ask palette swap158 bat pony oc15122 bat wings7629 blank flank7256 butt41874 buttonbetes149 clothes427013 colt13783 comet128 cute186664 donut steel612 fanfic10247 fanfic art13453 fangs22909 female1288106 filly61764 flank1361 flirty268 floppy ears47926 flying35648 foal15119 glasses56959 grin34723 group3166 group shot392 hat79727 hooves16917 horn52497 joyboy3 looking at you153021 male344687 mare440384 nyxabetes108 oc october4 one eye closed27175 open mouth130230 paint brush tail2 pipbuck3329 plot73195 propeller hat656 r-dash 5000148 raspberry919 seductive1904 sexy26704 sitting57643 smiling225059 smiling at you2235 snowbetes57 socks59847 spread wings49758 standing10972 swag829 sweetie bot1283 tears of a princess1 tongue out95275 tumblr:ask backy1 vault suit3274 wall of tags2660 whisper24 wings88322 wink22730


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Background Pony #A946
This is the only pic in derpy that has the tags "foal", "sexy", and "safe" all in the same image.
Background Pony #8591

Fluffle Puff Tales “The End”

Warning: Spoilers

I tried the link thing. Didn’t work, even when I got rid of the quotations around “The End”.
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