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Music for pic
Молчат Дома (Molchat Doma) — Волны (Volny)
Keosz — Clearance

So, this pic was drawn for 6-7 hours.. it could be faster but, I decided to do one thing.

For this one I was inspired by "Blade Runner" movies, specially with "2049" which has pretty depressing shape of colours of blue. My favorite movie by the way.

And I think its turned out not bad at all! With blue colors and with Delta Vee I think could reach depressing level of art
safe1576250 artist:nevobaster199 oc605399 oc only409940 oc:delta vee545 pegasus239843 pony846316 alone376 backpack1729 bandaid1585 cigarette3419 city3730 clothes409336 depressed708 female899884 high heels9366 mare415840 night22736 pillow15456 rain5599 shoes30348 sitting55027 skirt35666 smoking3804 wings76162


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