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Sunset Shimmer Wallpaper [4:3 Mode] [For CRT Monitor, iPad Tablet and LCD/LED with 4:3 Aspect Ratio]  
[Using the vectors to Make a wallpaper compilation about EG Character and will posting to “MLP of The Week” in Facebook]
Mode [16:9]: 2175860  
Mobile Phone Mode: 2175914
Original Credit Vector Added in The Tags [“artist:-original artist name-”]  
EG Wallpaper Compilation by iSuperSonic95  
App used: “Macromedia Fireworks 8” [PC-Windows]
safe1753216 artist:famousmari5171 artist:keronianniroro175 artist:sugar-loop335 artist:twilirity118 artist:whalepornoz191 sunset shimmer64927 pony1012875 unicorn343379 equestria girls207599 equestria girls series35063 forgotten friendship5680 game stream616 legend of everfree8121 let it rain224 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14943 bikini19027 camp everfree outfits1860 camper43 clothes476812 cute206022 cutie mark49855 female1404197 geode of empathy3288 guitar5151 headphones8101 looking at you176071 magical geodes9897 mare503337 musical instrument11829 open mouth154939 pants15359 ponied up5305 shoes38819 shorts14560 skirt41148 super ponied up564 swimsuit29810 vector77928 wallpaper18866


not provided yet


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