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Background Pony #DAF2
@Goddess Erosia
Mainly for several reasons which are partly cultural and partly having to do with the show itself.

1. Cultural: thinking being ’toxic and hate-filled’ is worse than shutting down views one doesn’t like naturally poses a problem for /mlp/, 4Chan, or just old internet culture in general because it permits a closure of free speech. It’s a "I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t an X" problem. Old internet culture is edgy because people like to take the opportunity to say what they want to say. More moderated cultures on the internet aren’t a problem until they become judgmental, look down upon and try to impose their taboos on people who just want to be left alone, which is happening to a worse degree everywhere.

2. The show: /mlp/ first discovered MLP and so represents the "old" fandom for all its benefits and drawbacks. Because of the aforementioned freedom of expression the board introduced many controversial but now well-loved OCs like Aryanne, Milky Way and Anonfilly. Also, while people from /mlp/ may well be biased toward the early days they very well are aware of the inconsistencies and discontinuity since new writers took over and don’t look at newer series with rose glasses. They’re critical of lack of character development, lack of dimensionality, fanservice and wokeness which often puts them at odds with the more naïve DB community which upvotes pretty much anything. For example, /mlp/ hates the series finale (which was a breach of all the values the show previously upheld) and how G5 Applejack will be made into a ghetto character (which erases everything people loved about her and is a betrayal of the underrepresented country life, just to be PC).
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Nightmare Fuel's avatar
Nightmare Fuel
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the wild card
@Sanagi 蛹
i used to run a video game blog back in 2016-ish (it was about animal crossing), and i would share my screenshots of the game there. yet for some reason, tumblr would automatically flag all my photo posts, and because of it you could only see them with safe search off. nobody else really had this problem, so finding info on this problem was infuriating
i left long before the porn ban, but knowing this shows how fucked the flagging system on tumblr is
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Sanagi 蛹's avatar
Sanagi 蛹
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Meaning: Chrysalis

@Goddess Erosia
Its not just banning porn that most worrying. It’s the fact that they (predictably) doing it hazily by algorithm and the rest is a mess history. Many accounts and arts that not even resembles porn were blocked while some who do actually got pass.

It’s like trusting YouTube copyright system.
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Goddess Erosia's avatar
Goddess Erosia
please call me mom~<3
@Darkest Lunar Flower
Well I can sure tell you it lost a huge amount of users because of that, most artists that have adult content like that aren’t active there anymore. And because those people migrated elsewhere, I can imagine Tumblr gets a lot less ad revenue.
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Darkest Lunar Flower
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Your real life Luna.
@Goddess Erosia
Well they didn’t get all of it, heheh. XD People have started posting stuff and it doesn’t get nuked.
I don’t think Tumblr actually cares about the actual porn itself. You see not long before Tumblr did that they where involved with an issue regarding minors and under aged content, so Apple kicked them out of their store. Tumblr changed policy and became too lazy to actually get rid of the actual under aged content and punished everyone for the ugly stuff. Even if it only featured adults/adult characters.
Then Apple let them back in their club. People are literally posting porn again and nothing is happening to them. Now this is me running into it on accident idk what happens if one actually looks for it on purpose.
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Goddess Erosia's avatar
Goddess Erosia
please call me mom~<3
@Darkest Lunar Flower
Well plus….tumblr is basically dead now. Banning porn was the worst business decision I’ve ever witnessed a social internet site make.

I think you’ve said you were asexual before so I’m sure it means little to you, but still – once you have a site OBTAIN and become well known for content like that, it’s bullshit to take it away. They actually did real damage to a lot of people – there’s still artists who have had their content stolen from themselves because it got deleted without warning and they had no backups.
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Goddess Erosia's avatar
Goddess Erosia
please call me mom~<3
@Darkest Lunar Flower
Basically /mlp/ hates us and we hate them. Or at the very least we don’t care for them.

4chan may have evolved since last time I saw it, and because it’s so large it can’t possibly be all bad, but it does have a reputation of being a particularly toxic and hate-filled community.

Where Tumblr had a bad reputation for its neo-feminists, 4chan basically is the spawning pool for groups like Incel. Or at least that’s what it’s like at its worst.

I don’t really care about people actually using that community, but I do steer clear of it. I steer clear of any community that’s dumb enough to care THIS MUCH about people being on the other community’s site, to treat it like a damn clan war.
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