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I wanted to try something different and this is what came of it.


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Military enthusiast pony
Unless she's smart enough (which I doubt, judging by looks) to hit a detonator fuse itself, that won't do shit.
Then, there's the chance one of countless whacks could connect…
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@Cirrus Light
I love that the comment I intended to make when seeing this has already been made. It's good to know sanity is not for the weak, despite what some might claim.
Cirrus Light
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Sciencepone of Science!
Yeah. It takes a very precise detonation to set one off. The entire Manhatten Project was half about figuring out how to detonate them to set them off. If it was as easy as hitting it hard or blowing it up normally, then it'd probably have taken them half as long to get nukes working.

But making a nuke go boom is a lot harder than hitting it really hard. There's an entire science to it.
more precisely an area of engineering, but you get the idea.
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Dynamic Pie
I mean, if nuclear bombs can survive crashing to the ground in a B-52 Stratofortress without detonating, hitting them with a hammer should be okay. Maybe.