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Here are my main Mane 6 ships! I have tried to make mine unique when compared to ships like Flashlight, CheesePie, Sparity/RariPants, or FlutterCord(2 of these popular are divorced in my Next Gen).

DiamondPie= Double Diamond + Pinkie Pie
Pistarity= Pistachio + Rarity
AppleMel= Applejack + Caramel
CometLight= Comet Tail + Twilight Sparkle
SoarinDash= Soarin + Rainbow Dash
TreeShy= Tree Hugger + Fluttershy

Hope you like them!V

All Characters above belong to Hasbro/Lauren Faust
Base belongs to :devPudimAmassado321:
My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro/Lauren Faust

Edit: Added in Rarity's hair gradients since I forgot
safe1658751 artist:purplepotato0457 applejack165928 caramel2457 comet tail874 double diamond1655 fluttershy207538 pinkie pie211486 pistachio165 rainbow dash228444 rarity177546 soarin'13711 tree hugger2743 twilight sparkle294172 alicorn215234 pegasus273344 pony922874 unicorn304000 blushing189729 carajack419 cometlight296 doublepinkie5 female1321672 flutterhugger160 lesbian94059 male357269 raristachio25 shipping194031 soarindash4723 straight131867 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121077


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