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And they lived happily ever after.

Sorry about the repost. I forgot to add her eyelashes, and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY! T'will be merged soon. Hopefully.
suggestive126064 artist:toonbat247 gallus5622 silverstream5157 classical hippogriff4360 griffon24393 hippogriff8096 and then sex happened114 auction2375 blushing172437 bondage29776 boop6771 butt24676 chains4331 collar28120 cute173545 derail in the comments267 dialogue58773 diastreamies832 excited2532 eye contact6098 female878737 femdom6504 flying33710 gallabetes492 gallstream333 happy27071 imminent sex5013 looking at each other15743 male298785 malesub3569 mistress287 no pupils3388 noseboop2551 not sure if want169 on back22002 open mouth120239 paw pads302 paws4218 plot70436 shipping181437 silverstream is a total perv3 slave2300 slave auction16 slavery333 smiling209636 speech bubble20023 straight120037 streambutt95 submissive12244 subtle as a train wreck214 sweat22350 sweat drop374 tail18353 tail pull1987 this will end in snu snu355 underhoof45942 underpaw1343 vulgar19375 wide eyes16019


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Background Pony #6163
there is a story for this now
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

“I didn’t sell myself into slavery, I was kidnapped by this weird mole rat dude”
“A slave is a slave, Gallus, and you’re my slave now”