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Working them out
Luna's excercise routine involves a foot-long every day … a futa foot long, stirring non-stop is necessary to work up a sweat.
Gotta burn calories somehow.

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explicit338619 artist:dragk1062 princess celestia93107 princess luna97314 alicorn215243 pony922949 anthro250074 against wall1953 ahegao23666 ambiguous penetration2847 arm behind head5957 armpits42340 big breasts77884 big penis9904 bouncing4688 bouncing breasts3651 breasts265559 busty princess celestia9897 busty princess luna6656 chubby12947 cutie mark45460 faceless female1678 female1321739 from behind12737 futa44121 futa on female11155 futa princess luna2278 horn59382 huge breasts36538 incest13143 intersex42070 muscles11507 nipples158873 no tail1398 nudity356686 obscured penetration1927 offscreen character32593 open mouth137356 penetration55191 penis147460 princest2067 sex116139 shipping194045 smiling235877 smirk11977 sweat25162 tongue out99202 wincest44


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Background Pony #F84F
@Dragk, is there any possibility to have a strap-on vesion in the future?
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