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[Future Twilight Sparkle]

This is where the magic happens
safe1556387 screencap195317 applejack157336 aquamarine144 berry blend361 berry bliss361 blancmange13 bon bon15482 chip mint67 chock-full carafe18 clever musings127 diamond tiara9584 dizzy twister945 fat stacks54 first base243 gallop j. fry214 high roller42 horseshoe comet46 jumping jupiter13 lavender lily8 li'l cheese316 lightning riff66 linky1313 little red142 lock heart38 luster dawn861 lyra heartstrings27501 orange swirl943 peach fuzz223 pinkie pie201467 rain catcher67 rainbow dash217307 rarity168027 rosy pearl62 shoeshine1431 silver spoon6176 snowy quartz31 spike74241 sprout greenhoof105 strawberry ice80 sweet buzz82 sweetie drops15482 train tracks (character)186 twilight sparkle279939 twist2775 whirlwind romance9 wintergreen65 alicorn191211 dragon46642 earth pony190804 pegasus232758 pony827520 unicorn257999 the last problem3987 animation error1760 background pony8922 banner1841 bridge1030 building2055 female880653 flag3354 fountain546 friendship student1352 gigachad spike731 house1752 houses151 las pegasus resident460 lita kino37 malachite (sailor moon)32 male299366 mare404739 medallion106 older22566 older applejack503 older aquamarine16 older bon bon25 older diamond tiara625 older first base16 older gallop j. fry26 older little red12 older lyra heartstrings26 older peach fuzz13 older pinkie pie476 older rainbow dash563 older rarity492 older silver spoon559 older spike4597 older train tracks (character)5 older twilight1074 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)17 older twist84 ponyville4921 princess twilight 2.01513 river1740 sailor jupiter96 sailor moon1330 stallion90468 tent805 town hall279 tree26892 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113807 unnamed pony1623 winged spike7004


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