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Everycreature at Twilight's coronation 2
safe1597188 composite screencap138 edit121291 edited screencap58444 screencap208157 cattail82 compass star76 discord29157 emerald green106 flash magnus747 green gem106 lightning bolt867 meadowbrook747 mistmane689 princess cadance30739 princess flurry heart6495 rockhoof1027 shining armor21850 somnambula1721 star swirl the bearded1894 stygian702 white lightning866 alicorn202004 draconequus9459 dragon49575 earth pony209780 pegasus251114 pony866908 unicorn277867 the last problem4552 crying40492 cup5679 electric fan43 female1270502 filly60540 flying35008 foal14970 glass4165 liquid pride175 looking up14344 male337592 mare431342 night23653 panorama239 pillars of equestria244 seven pillars2 stallion95550 table8409


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Awesome dude
Now someone make full panoramic shots of the background characters during the song The Magic of Friendship Grows. and edit them without the white lines and Twilight being in the way of the last one.
Background Pony #B991
Leaking more of your liquid pride over Twilight's biggest achievement here again, eh champ??
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