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Rainbow can't hold her tears for this moment.

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safe1678971 artist:mrkat7214421 rainbow dash230938 pegasus281332 pony941449 absurd resolution65506 closed mouth115 crying42684 cute195679 daaaaaaaaaaaw3680 dashabetes9007 dialogue63969 end of ponies782 feels1562 female1338372 floppy ears50828 happy30464 looking at you163545 mare467620 puppy dog eyes713 sad24173 sadbow dash32 sadorable855 simple background384437 smiling240947 smiling at you2865 solo1045276 stuttering108 sweet dreams fuel1539 talking to viewer2558 tears of joy2417 teary eyes3926 white background95370


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Background Pony #A45E
Your awesome as well rainbow dash and 200% cooler and same with you and your friends