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Love at First Goof-Off

Who would have thought that two rival party planners who challenged each other to a Goof-Off back in Season Four would many moons later fall in love and raise a family together?
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As those wonder if rival party planners were to have a face-off back in season four when many moons later they fall in love and start a family when in some cases gummy was to outgrow his surroundings when grilled cheese sandwich and pinkie pie along with their family had found the perfect home for gummy as they were to come nearly every day to see him.
Background Pony #D4BF

Thing is, when you think about it, these two really are made for each other. It’s not just the similar interests and personalities. Pinkie helped Cheese get his cutie mark (without knowing), he helped her get ‘her key’ (Boneless) and remember her calling in life. The show puts a big emphasis on destiny and these two where destined to be together.

I just hope we get to see the wedding some day. Maybe at the rock farm?
Background Pony #CF69
Yeah cause first time when I watch pinkie pride episode ngl I have something weird feeling about them in few seasons and this just shocked me