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Made me cry, not gonna lie. What a fucking finale and epilogue. Many tears, many friends together to experience it with. This show has brought me so much joy, I can't express it with words. But that doesn't mean I won't try!

I'm not leaving anytime soon! More content to come! I love you all!

Special thanks to Lavender for helping me with this one!
safe (1524572) artist:nekosnicker (176) editor:shobieshy (1) applejack (155081) fluttershy (192755) pinkie pie (198620) rainbow dash (213978) rarity (165127) twilight sparkle (274603) alicorn (184406) earth pony (180271) pegasus (222234) pony (799670) unicorn (244062) animated (89364) crying (38348) cute (167582) digital art (9705) end of ponies (731) eyes closed (75803) female (849284) group hug (732) hug (24370) mane six (28338) mare (388804) music (2452) music video (283) open mouth (116295) remix (55) smiling (202907) song (856) sound (6010) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (111197) webm (9098)


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