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It's happening again
safe1750102 artist:jargon scott2569 luster dawn1648 pony1010139 unicorn342147 the last problem6081 callback50 electrical outlet33 female1401560 fork928 glowing horn20518 here we go again99 horn77534 levitation12562 looking at something2718 lustie25 magic75373 magic aura4645 mare502023 science1254 simple background408982 smiling260814 smol672 solo1094132 spork39 squatpony399 telekinesis28717 this will end in electrocution23 this will end in pain2036 too dumb to live237 twiggie 2.018 white background102457 woonoggles636


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Word Bug
@Treble Clefé
British power sockets (the type shown) have little doors that cover the holes for live and neutral. The doors are only opened when an earth pin is inserted (the plugs have an extra-long earth pin).
Background Pony #11B4
Ponies can accelerate a mass without being acted upon in return. They are exempt from Newton's 2nd Law of Motion. They're living Dean Drives! AAAAAAAAAH