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safe1658182 screencap216010 auntie lofty247 bifröst138 bulk biceps3378 cloud kicker1950 cotton puff33 cotton sky82 derpy hooves49389 feather flatterfly81 featherweight1245 gentle breeze345 goldy wings77 huckleberry363 lemon crumble57 loosey-goosey33 misty fly536 night glider1346 ocarina green59 peppermint goldylinks450 posey shy1189 rumble3890 scootaloo50440 silver lining268 silver zoom265 sky stinger521 soarin'13706 sugar maple138 summer breeze225 sunshower raindrops2345 thunderlane3978 vapor trail1012 violet twirl149 water spout18 zephyr breeze2211 pegasus273168 pony922502 the ending of the end3067 background pony10025 butt50718 cloudsdale1261 colt14334 female1321296 filly63956 friendship student1622 hyper sonic53 male357122 mare458140 plot75991 stallion102701


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Background Pony #C009
Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty probably split up for the family’s safety. It’s dangerous to have Scootaloo alone with everything going on, and Holiday is an Earth Pony and can’t walk on clouds!
Background Pony #8BA3
So Rumble and Thunderlane were in the battle of the Mean 3. They were just off screen
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