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For Inktober 2019 (prompt 14: overgrown)
safe (1524466) artist:gd_inuk (86) gallus (5365) silverstream (4954) griffon (23724) seapony (g4) (3507) 2 panel comic (738) blank eyes (326) boat (1177) cattails (72) comic (97421) dialogue (56721) duo (45220) empty eyes (491) female (849180) gallus is not amused (114) implied ocellus (30) implied sandbar (41) implied smolder (42) implied yona (26) inktober (1638) inktober 2019 (418) lineless (3384) male (289084) no mouth (440) no pupils (3189) plant (1683) seapony silverstream (16) splash (293) stylized (130) swimming (1601) unamused (12787) water (10617)


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7 comments posted
Jonny Manz
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

I am who I am
Personally, I think Gallus is secretly happy to get to spend some time alone with Silverstream. I feel like she might feel the same.
Edgar Noir
Artist -

Confirmed Catbirb
Corn dog plants? Corn dog plants… The almighty cattail that provided a safe haven for tiny fish while their lower leaf portions are providing for muskrats, ducks, and geese.., have been reduced to common carnival food.

Belittling, yet so god damn humorous.