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I was there for it since Season 1. I never thought it was gonna be canon. Just seeing Dash put her hoof on AJ's head in the last scene…. Ahhhhh!
safe1577802 artist:johnjoseco4397 applejack159002 rainbow dash219650 earth pony199894 pegasus240403 pony847566 the last problem4153 alternate hairstyle24536 appledash5363 applejack's hat5406 clothes409889 cowboy hat13180 duo49517 female901183 granny smith's scarf126 hat76756 headcanon2129 hug25516 lesbian92287 mare416548 older23070 older applejack527 older rainbow dash581 prone23366 shipping184258 smiling215548 winghug2639


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@Background Pony #A5B4

Eh, this is the guy behind Ask Princess Molestia. He's faced much worse from the fandom. And that's assuming he even reads these comments. It's not like he posted this image here himself.
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@Background Pony #438E
Yeah they should know by now that "implying" anything will always escalate into a flame war, claiming hundreds of innocent accounts in the process.
On the other hand, that could be what they planned from the beginning. They're probably laughing at us right now.
Background Pony #2F60
If you don't like other people's ships, why go to the comment section just to trash-talk it? If it bothers you, block the tag. Simple as that.

@Background Pony #438E
I wanted them to have Rarity/AJ/RBD episode centered around fashion (that one AJ episode almost got it…). AJ expresses her "hate" for fashion stating the usual stuff; "Fashion doesn't make the chores go any faster…" ect… Althroughout the Episode Rarity is forcing her fashion on her all just to "find the one thing AJ might like". Then at the end of the Episode AJ goes to Rarity and apologizes for disrespecting something her friend loves; and she see's RBD being really insecure and picky about her outfit that Rarity is making for her; AJ is surprised to see her trying on all the latest fashion; then RBD let's AJ know that "even tho she's a sports pony, she really likes to dress in style!"
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@El Mutanto
She's not a tomboy sure, but she's almost there.
I dont have an issue with gay representation. It's not appealing to homosexual viewers, its appealing to the masses of hypocrites who can't think for themselves, hate stereotypes with a burning passion then scream "yay representation" when a character is actually stereotyped as gay. Even Faust said herself that RD being gay is dumb and just reducing her to a "tough girls are actually lesbians" stereotype.
But what would I know, I can't argue with shippers due to the amount of mental gymnastics they will go through to justify garbage writing simply because it appeals to their fetish.
El Mutanto
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@Background Pony #438E
1) I don't know what kind of a tomboy Applejack is. She's just a workaholic, but she has far more feminine traits. With RD I agree, she is a bit of a tomboy but still she has lot's of stereotypical girlish energy and vibes.

2) Why do you think that appealing to homosexual viewers is the 'lowest' common denominator?

We don't actually know for sure if they're roommates. Rainbow could have just been picking Applejack up for the trip to Canterlot only for Applejack to go "No, I gotta finish these chores first, and I'm not letting you help me!"
Background Pony #43A8
@Background Pony #A5B4
the ship was heavily teased in the finale, going against faust's original vision. these "writers" flat out made not one, but 2 of the most well known tomboys in the show lesbians to appeal to the lowest common denominator