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Flash: That SASS though…

Spike: I think he/she got that from your side of the family

Twilight: Hey, for the record, I have a brother. So I had help with my mom's mane!

*Crystal Empire***

Shining: ACHOOO!!!! Woah, is somepony gossiping about me?

If there are other FlashLight Fan out there that has NextGen FlashxTwilight OC, you can borrow it so long as you ask me permission and you should credit me for the comic.

Commission and description for my dear friend siegehunter
safe (1504624) artist:miyathegoldenflower (65) flash sentry (11584) spike (71565) twilight sparkle (272737) oc (568443) alicorn (179895) dragon (43711) pegasus (213972) pony (781478) backfire (49) book (28779) brutal honesty (61) comic (95774) female (828719) flashlight (2486) glare (7827) highlights (110) laughing (6621) male (282732) offspring (31362) parent:flash sentry (2368) parent:twilight sparkle (6705) parents:flashlight (2042) sassy (334) shipping (174859) shock (295) straight (115645) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (109234)


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