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safe2114553 composite screencap276 edit167576 edited screencap86885 screencap286324 apple bloom58818 cozy glow9289 gallus8888 lord tirek6180 luster dawn2054 ocellus6684 princess flurry heart9212 queen chrysalis41218 sandbar6718 silverstream7586 smolder10942 spike90521 sweetie belle55673 twilight sparkle349418 yona6333 alicorn302024 dragon80921 pony1475228 unicorn510942 g41238567 the last problem7814 end of ponies809 female1736238 gigachad spike1236 mare700887 older37674 older flurry heart2644 older spike8654 older twilight3194 panorama312 princess twilight 2.03650 stained glass1783 student six2061 the red beast13 toasty rhino boi9 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145854 winged spike9878 wings207080


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Kind of wished there was more stained glass windows.  
Maybe one for the (ex)Royal Sisters getting to save the day at something(rather than they are just doomed to just keep falling flat on their faces. Hurts a lot for Luna’s case due to how she returned from the moon only for this to keep happening to her).

Smolder, Ember and maybe some of the Changelings if Thorax lives as long as Chrysalis.  
But see she’s not along, and she’ll make plenty of new ones along the way.  
I kind of hate that everyone’s only looking on the sad side of the ending instead of exploring the amazing possibilities that it presents

Na man, it’s nice to see that the mane six lived long and happy lives. And while I’m sure Twilight will be sad at first she’ll always have her great memories to look back on. That was the whole message of the episode.  
Plus she’ll always have spike
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The main thing is to close the book on the correct note, and dying characters are not the thoughts with which I want to remember my favorite characters.  
The design of old characters with wrinkles is very bad.
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Son of the Young Master
Future Twilight Sparkle: Friendships take work, and there’s no guarantee they’ll last. They can be complicated. They can be messy. And they never go the way you plan.
And sometimes, they might even betray you in the end, but THAT doesn’t mean you stop trying to make NEW friends!

he ate Good Eric
We all thought Sombra was dead, turned out he was just “dispersed” like a fart in the wind, and could be reassembled. Maybe that happens again, and now-adult McFlurry defeated him. That’s why she gets her own stained glass panel.
Darth Prime
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I love the “here’s the continuing stories you didn’t see” thing.  
It’s like the finale credit sequence in Transformers Cybertron.