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Artist’s description:
“I wanted to draw them together to celebrate the series finale.  
I’ll miss them
Used : Photoshop, Wacom tablet”

safe2117577 artist:poulped8 applejack196154 fluttershy252007 pinkie pie249984 rainbow dash272828 rarity212892 spike90664 starlight glimmer58556 twilight sparkle349788 alicorn302663 earth pony422857 pegasus471258 pony1478679 unicorn512393 g41926605 armpits46341 digital art28389 female1739195 glowing horn28115 group7150 heart71870 horn139661 magic93733 male529196 mane six36818 mare702770 sunset7455 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146015


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