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Finally I can now open up the bottle of emotions, after 9 years then watching the Epilogue, I was reduced to tears and happiness seeing our wonderful ponies grow. as I was doing this finale art, I couldn’t help but suddenly burst to tears with each character and brush stroke, every one, a remembrance of the stories and experiences that have been shared. I have one thing to say…
THANK YOU… thank you MLP, the Staff, and the Fandom for changing my life, without discovering this show and its people, I don’t know what would’ve become of me as I went through my darkest days of the past, no dream, no hope, no motivations, no self esteem, very negative, disconnected to friends…
After I discovered MLP, everything started to change, little by little. I started believing getting inspired, it lead me to discover the fandom, it started motivating me as I saw the talent the fandom showed, the fanart, music, animation and more, it encouraged me to participate, have a hobby, a way to make myself a better person and join this journey along with the other people who was the same and was moved by the show…
I started doing art to show my appreciation for the show, starting at the very bottom with no art experience, but the fandom helped me grow as an artist and be a better person. Here I am now, I have gained a sense of purpose, hope, positivity and…friends, more friends that I could’ve imagined from all around the world as we grow and share the Magic of Friendship…
Thank you MLP showstaff, Thank you Lauren Faust, Thank you MLP Fandom…Thank you for the wonderful experiences you have showed and given. I may not be one of the best artist of this fandom, but I will continue to be one, see you in the Next Generation. LONG LIVE MLP, LONG LIVE THE PONY ARMADA…Thank you…
And Thank you for reading this far…once again…Thank you…for everything.
With all my heart, Sincerely,
safe1878587 artist:dusthiel831 applejack182129 fluttershy229383 pinkie pie231163 rainbow dash251132 rarity196215 spike84540 twilight sparkle322032 alicorn256631 dragon65585 earth pony321096 pegasus364261 pony1224457 unicorn401535 the last problem6771 clothes524684 cowboy hat20105 crown22228 end of ponies810 female1516352 flying43663 gigachad spike1083 gradient background15619 group4141 hat100752 jewelry81600 looking up19098 mane seven7095 mane six34180 mare566201 older31835 older applejack870 older fluttershy843 older mane seven278 older mane six417 older pinkie pie826 older rainbow dash1009 older rarity826 older spike7365 older twilight2343 peytral4430 princess twilight 2.02967 regalia26076 scarf26422 thank you289 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133526 winged spike9043 wings152910


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Background Pony #C750
“You Know What”? “ When I Saw The Epilouge, I Am In Tears. “ When I Started To Watch MLP I Fell In Love. “ “Every Character, & Their Adventure I Felt Connected.” “I Love All Their Music, Animation, Episodes, & Characters In The Series”. “ Back In My Day I Am Alone, With No Friends, Negative, & Disconnected From The Group”. “From The Beginning, I  
Continued To Draw More FanArt At Home.” “I May Not Be As Good As Those Artists, But I Have Drawn Alot Of MLP, Pictures.” “I Watched All Episodes, Seasons, Songs, & With Old, & New Characters, I Liked Them.” “ Each Story Fills My Heart, & Learning Valuable Lessons To Learn From Them. “ I May Not Be Able To Hear Better Watching The Series, Or Songs I Hear., But I Like Their Finales Too.” “I As The Series End, There Is No Other Show As Good As Those Other Shows Growing Up “Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, Gravity Falls, Fairly Odd Parents, Ducktales, The FlintStones, Scooby Doo Where Are You?, Heathcliff, Popeye The SailorMan, Pink Panther, Felix The Cat, Casper The Friendly Ghost, He -Man & The Masters Of The Universe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Alvin, & The Chipmunks, Jetsons, The Many Adventures Of Winnie The pooh, Danny Phantom, Samurai Jack, Jackie Chan Adventures, Transformers, The Adventures Of The Gummi Bears, Smurfs, PowerPuff Girls, BeetleJuice, Gi Joe Real American Heroes, ThunderCats, Swat Kats The Radical Squadron, The Mighty Ducks, Muppet Babies, Alf The Animated Series, The Raccoons, Batman The Animated Series, Doug, Hey Arnold!, Dexter’s Laboratory, The Real Ghostbusters, Kim Possible, RugRats, Looney Tunes, Rocky, & Bullwinkle Show, Fat Albert, Yonder Over Wonder, The Life, & Times Of Juniper Lee, Digimon Digital Monsters, Beyblade, Inuyasha, Bleach, Naruto, Captain Planet, & The planeteers, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Pacman, Captain N The Game Master, Sonic X, Mega Man, Totally Spies, Care Bears, The Wuzzles, Stoked!, 6 Teen, Total Drama Island, The Mumbly Show, Jabberjaw , Mr. Jaws, Inspector Gadget, The Inspector, Dick Dasdardly, & Their Flying Machines, Wacky Racers, Speed Buggy, The Funky Phantom, SuperFriends, Danger Mouse, The Perils Of Pitstop, Goof Troop, Darkwing Duck, BraveStarr, Clue Club, DynoMutt, & Blue Falcon, FangFace, Space Ghost, Mighty Max, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Littlest Pet Shop, The Mask Animated Series, Walter Melon Hero For Hire, Goober, & The Ghost Chasers, Count Duckula, Johnny Bravo, X Men, Teen Titans, Woodywood Pecker Show, Josie, & The PussyCats, Cops, Wheelie & The Chopper Bunch, Buzzlightyear Of Star Command, Aladdin, Lio, & Stitch, Timon, & Pummba, Beverly Teen Hills, Yogi’ Gang, Jem, Ben 10, Etc.” “Thank You Lauren Faust,” “Thank You Megan Mecarthy,” “Thank You Staff,” & , “Thank You FanDom.” “ I Can’t Wait For G5,”. “I Will Miss You All, “Goodbye G4!.” Fan. Twilight Sparkle, Fan Starlight Glimmer, Fan Sunset Shimmer, Fan Rarity, Fan Fluttershy, Fan Applejack, Fan Rainbow Dash, Fan Pinkie Pie, Fan, Cadence, Fan Celestia, Fan Luna, Fan Fizzle Pop ,BerryTwist, Fan Zecora, Fan The Pillars, Fan Young Student 6, Fan CMC Crusaders, Fan Rara, Etc.

A follower of the stars
Things may go and things may go…some go fast and so go slow…few things last that’s all I know but Friendship carries on through the ages