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Rito and I seeing Mlp before the big final
safe1639627 artist:marianokun180 applejack164583 auburn vision242 berry blend438 berry bliss440 citrine spark374 clever musings151 fire quacker374 fluttershy205687 gallus6351 huckleberry357 november rain549 ocellus4990 peppermint goldylinks436 pinkie pie209964 rainbow dash226618 rarity175957 sandbar5184 silverstream5806 slate sentiments103 smolder7387 spike76663 starlight glimmer46552 strawberry scoop214 sugar maple133 summer breeze215 summer meadow162 twilight sparkle291783 yona4834 oc643218 oc:marianokun41 oc:rito90 alicorn211133 changedling7845 changeling44144 classical hippogriff4705 dragon52204 earth pony224184 griffon25597 hippogriff9013 pegasus266129 pony905271 unicorn295577 yak4333 school daze2702 season 8817 spoiler:s08774 3d69897 bow26556 cinema375 cloven hooves9387 cowboy hat14389 end of ponies777 female1305388 framed picture134 friendship student1585 hair bow14484 hair bun3103 hat81808 intro442 jewelry57214 looking at you156816 male351225 mane six30856 mare449917 necklace16920 salute1011 school of friendship1184 sitting59069 source filmmaker42536 stallion100690 student six1543 teenager4426 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119936 wall of tags2809


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