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safe (1524487) artist:vector-brony (668) oc (574476) oc only (393898) oc:blackjack (2264) cyborg (2895) pony (799600) unicorn (244028) fallout equestria (14720) fallout equestria: project horizons (2543) absurd resolution (63065) angry (22747) artificial hands (58) augmented (1930) cyber legs (132) fanfic (10021) fanfic art (12409) female (849199) hooves (15842) horn (36305) level 1 (project horizons) (80) mare (388769) mechanical hands (101) open mouth (116282) pointing (3513) raised hoof (36579) simple background (325173) solo (938355) transparent background (169694)


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lance blazer
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Hey! I been shot at,
Got rads to get glowing eyes,
Almost got eaten by ghouls,
Almost choped up by crazy ai children

"You said shot like four times blackjack."

"And one of them was from you p-21"