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safe1902319 artist:tcn1205438 applejack183781 fluttershy231766 pinkie pie233243 rainbow dash253519 rarity198107 twilight sparkle324915 alicorn261235 earth pony331527 pegasus375222 pony1249734 unicorn412454 season 92241 the last problem6883 spoiler:s091497 cute225918 eyes closed113451 female1539253 freckles34290 group hug1051 hug32265 mane six34489 mare579513 older32423 older applejack877 older fluttershy855 older mane six418 older pinkie pie832 older rainbow dash1023 older rarity831 older twilight2428 princess twilight 2.03019 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134844 wing hands2410 winghug3310 wings159164


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These characters will live on in our hearts for the rest of our lives, probably.
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“Dash, I understand needing to keep up appearances, but did you really have to go that heavy on the hair gel?”
“What, is it tickling you?”