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Equestria at War!

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Princess Celestia Question (answer in the comments):
Would you ever have fun with Princess Celestia?
suggestive135151 artist:joeynigro7 pinkie pie209816 princess celestia92272 queen chrysalis33669 twilight sparkle291621 oc642342 oc:pinkie pie (dog)1 alicorn210895 changeling44067 dog9010 pony904035 unicorn295017 anthro245468 barbie doll anatomy1538 bedroom9396 breasts260519 celestia is stupid5 featureless breasts2337 featureless crotch6571 hooves in the butt song1 musical instrument8843 nudity350508 pee pee in the cider song1 pencil3453 pencil in nose6 piano1049 poptropica7 singing6064 wrong poptropica look1


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