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In all seriousness though, I wanted to add a few thoughts on this.

Back in 2012, I was halfway through unboxing everything into my tiny art student 'shoebox' flat when I decided to take a break, realising that part one of 'The Crystal Empire' was about to air. I can remember genuinely not knowing if watching a TV show streamed from the US to the UK was legal, and wondering if there was any truth in the old BBC 'TV Detector' vans

Over the years, it developed into a routine for Saturdays. Wake up, get the washing done, go shopping, then sort out any pressing Uni work or do some warm up sketches as I waited for the new episode, which was always accompanied with tea and cake, given the broadcast time of 4:30PM was close enough to tea time for my liking. The rest of the evening would be spent drawing ponies.

Seven years, here we are… The Last Livestream.

I'm going to miss this little habit. I really am. Whenever I'd had a crummy week, this was always something that could save it.

It was nice while it lasted :)


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You could keep the habit going by re-watching the series from the beginning, one episode at a time at the old air time.
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The show may end but seeing new comics pop up from you every now and then, really made my day and it's been a pleasure seeing your art from when you started to where you are now, you have a certain knack for bringing a chuckle of giggle from me and my wife, i'm not sure if you are going to keep doing comics or not, but it's been great seeing your work all these years Bob.
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Man back then in my year 2012 I see the NTV7 I saw the first episode but I changed a channel for it then until late 2013 I found my friend who fan of MLP FIM so I hooked the show I watch the S3 E13 then in 2014 I watch the full season 4 at Youtube back then and that I fan the MLP FIM forever

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Thank you for all the years, man.

@Peni Parker
You never failed to make my day whenever I saw one of your drawings. Thanks for everything, Bob.

Should probably clarify as it reads as if people are mistaken, I'm not going anywhere yet. Still more pony from me!
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