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“Don’t You Know You’re All My Very Best Friends”
9 Years and 2 days!
It’s been such a ride you guys.
I’ve been working so hard on this commemorative piece for the past few days. I wanted to draw ALL THE PONIES but sadly I could only do so much.
I’m so pleased with it and hope you guys love it too.
Thanks for everything!

safe2153296 artist:sjart117223 apple bloom59579 applejack198707 fluttershy255978 pinkie pie253529 princess cadance39518 princess celestia111787 princess flurry heart9448 princess luna116251 rainbow dash277199 rarity215756 scootaloo58415 shining armor27672 spike91747 sweetie belle56339 twilight sparkle354543 alicorn309846 dragon84153 earth pony437464 pegasus487537 pony1581224 unicorn528234 g42006272 applejack's hat14046 cowboy hat25174 crying54938 cutie mark crusaders22214 end of an era42 end of ponies808 eyes closed136919 female1780020 filly96142 foal42804 freckles42928 grass15005 grin61930 group7655 group hug1212 group shot616 happy43856 happy birthday mlp:fim1557 hat122606 high res406077 hoof hold12664 hug37167 jewelry110626 male542626 mane six37306 mare727564 mlp fim's ninth anniversary314 raised hoof68419 regalia35698 sky22598 smiling389438 spread wings91787 stallion191544 wings216621


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